ECU 1 Card Page Header
Summary of Uses:

  • Official ECU Identification

  • Meal plans & Pirate Bucks

  • Bookstore account

  • Campus Libraries

  • Athletic & event tickets

  • Student Health Center

  • Student Recreation Center

  • Intramural sport participation

  • Access to university facilities

Spending Accounts:

Spending Accounts may be set up to work with the ECU 1 Card.  Please see the appropriate tab below for more information about each account. You can view each account balance on the GET site or GET mobile app.

Dining | Bookstore | Bounty Bucks


Description:  This is a declining balance account that may be used to make purchases at any of the campus dining facilities, including:

Todd Dining Hall
The Galley
Pirate Market
The Wright Place
Center Court
The Wedge
The Croatan
West End Dining Hall
Kiosk - Bate
Desitination 360
Java City Locations
Kiosk - Carol Belk

Set up a meal plan or purple buck account:  There are a few ways to set up a meal plan or add funds to the dining account as listed below. Deposits of $20 or more may be made by cash, check, or credit card.

  • Visit Dining Services website
  • Call Dining Services at (252) 328-3663
  • Visit Dining Services located on College Hill in Todd Dining Hall
If you have questions, please contact:
Dining Services


Description: This account may be used to purchase books and supplies at ECU Dowdy Student Store and the Health Sciences Bookstore.

Set up a bookstore account: By adding funds at any time through the Cashier's Office in the Old Cafeteria Complex, or Dowdy Student Store in the Wright Building, depending upon payment option. There are two ways to add funds to this account:

  1. Cash, check, and credit/debit cards (refer to the chart below for detailed payment type and method per location)
Payment Type
Payment Method
Payment Location
Cash or Debit Card
In Person
Student Store
Credit Card
(MasterCard or Visa)
In Person
By Phone
Student Store
Check, Money Order, Certified Check
(payable to Dowdy Student Stores)
In Person
By US Mail
Student Store
Bookstore Scholarship Check
(payable to ECU)
In Person 
By US Mail
Cashier's Office

  1. Defer financial aid or scholarship funds
  • Visit the Cashier's Office located in the Old Cafeteria Complex.
  • Call the Cashier's Office at 252-328-6886.
  • For more information on this process, please visit and select Credit Balance Authorization and Bookstore Deferrals.
For incoming freshmen, we recommend that you defer at least $400 for your books. There is no way to determine the exact cost of textbooks.

Funds placed on your Bookstore account from deferred financial aid or scholarship funds will be returned 30 - 60 days after that academic term begins. If you withdraw from school or are graduating, a full refund of any unused funds will be issued minus a small processing fee.

If you have questions, contact:
ECU Dowdy Student Stores


Bounty Bucks

Description: (Former Gold Key Account) This account is managed by the ECU 1 Card Office and may be used at the following locations for the uses specified:

  • 1 Card Office - Payment of Fees
  • Dowdy Student Store - Purchases
  • Dining Locations - Purchases
  • Parking and Traffic - Payment of fines and fees
  • Student Rec Center - Rental Equipment and Activities
  • Student Health Center - Prescriptions and Services
  • Joyner Library - Payment of fines and fees

Add funds to the Bounty Bucks account Visit the ECU 1 Card office located in G-521 Old Cafeteria Complex or add funds online by clicking the Bounty Bucks image:

Deposit Bounty Bucks Here

Minimum of $20 deposit. Cash, check or debit card accepted in the office.

Additional funds may be deposited at any time. This account rolls over from semester to semester.

Refunds: Bounty Bucks can be refunded upon graduation or withdrawal from school. A Bounty Bucks Refund Request form must be completed in order to receive a refund of Bounty Bucks. Please visit our office to pick up a form or call our office and we will mail a form to you. Once the form is received and processed in our office, a check will be mailed to the cardholder within a couple of weeks.

If you have questions, please contact:
ECU 1 Card Office
Click to go to the GET site to view balances and report a lost card. Access GET through Pirate Port or by downloading the GET mobile app as well.