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Student Testimonials

International Students “The blend of a superb academic education and the memorable moments shared by the ECU family make a perfect combination for the best college experience. ECU is my home away from home.”

“The university has a tremendous amount of activities for students to get involved in. East Carolina University is definitely a great place to further your education; it is an excellent school with a friendly atmosphere throughout its community.”
International Students

International Students “I have had a wonderful time here and have experienced a tremendous amount of support from all the professors and students. I feel that ECU has provided me with all the tools necessary to begin an extremely successful career following the completion of my degree.”

“ECU has given me the opportunity to get hands-on experience with new industrial equipment and in such a way provided me with a competitive edge in my field. It has also allowed me to work on the development of a research plan that will help reach thousands of people. Finally, I have been able to interact and bond with people from around the world, which has really helped me develop as a person and taken me a step closer to understanding the thousands of cultures that exist today.”
International Students

International Students “I found at ECU freedom to pursue what I am interested in and what I really want to do with my career under the guidance of an excellent top-level researcher.”