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This catalog of reports may help meet some of your award and proposal reporting needs.  For more specialized reports, please contact your OSP Grant Officer or the OSP Data Manager.

All of the reports listed below can be exported to an Excel format for further manipulation.

For assistance in subscribing to any of these reports, please contact the OSP Data Manager.

Proposal Status

The Pending Proposals report allows you to populate proposals that have been submitted but are in a pending status.  Once a proposal is marked as Funded or Not Funded, they are removed from the data set.

The Proposals-Not Funded Report populates a list of declined proposals within a given date range that have been marked as "Not Funded" in RAMSeS.

Filter the reports by date and/or Unit.

Pending Proposals

Proposals-Not Funded

Active Projects

Filter this report by Unit.

Use this report to view all active projects in a given unit.  All awards, old and current, will populate under the project to give you a snapshot of the life of the project.

Active Projects

Award Report

This report will allow you to view total award amounts organized by department.  This report has the following filtering options:

  • Date
  • College
  • Reporting Designation
  • Award Amount
Award Report

Previous Month Data & Compliance Reports

Each of these reports gives a detailed list of proposals and awards processed within a specified date range.

Filter this report by one of these compliance elements:

  • Human Subjects
  • Animal Subjects
  • Export Control
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Intellectual Property
  • Environmental Safety

Other filtering options include:

  • Date
  • Banner ID
  • Proposals with Affiliated Center/Institute

Previous Month & Compliance Award Report


Previous Month & Compliance Proposal Report

Principal Investigator Reports

These reports specifically organize the data by principal investigator. 

Filter these reports by dates and/or Principal Investigator Banner ID.

PI Award Report

PI Proposal Report

PI Summary by Fiscal Year                       

Co-PI Reports

The Co-PI proposal report pulls proposals based on the Lead PI's home department.  It will then list all Co-PI's under that proposal for the given fiscal year.

Similarly, the Co-PI Project reports pulls awards processed during a given time frame for the unit in which the Lead PI is homed.  Co-PI's are then listed under each award.

The Proposal Activity by Co-PI report pulls data based on an approval date range and the department(s) in which the Co-PI is homed.  Information on the Lead PI and Administering Department are included.

The Award Activity by Co-PI report also pulls data based on the processing date range and the    department(s) in which the Co-PI is homed.

See Report Links in Description

Proposal Report

Use these reports to search for proposals for one department.

Filter by date.

Proposals by Department

ECU Issued Subcontracts


Use this report to see active ECU issued subcontracts under a PI and/or department.

This report has the capability to filter by Unit.


Active ECU Issued Subcontracts

Data Banks

These reports are data resources that pull from a large number of data fields in RAMSeS.  Either of these reports provides a data dump that is best suited for the individual that wants to scrub the data in Excel to meet specific needs.

Each of these reports can be filtered by date.

Proposal Bank Report

Award Bank Report

RAMSeS Unit Reports

RAMSeS offers data reports best suited to be manipulated by PI's, research administrators and other support staff.  This data pulls directly from various fields in RAMSeS and is meant to supply the user with data that can be filtered and sorted to meet his/her needs.  These reports can be found in the "Reporting" section of RAMSeS.  The best reports that offer up the most information for manipulation by the user are listed to the right.  These reports can be filtered by, but not limited to:

  • Dates
  • Department
  • Unit
  • Lead Investigator
  • Sponsor Type

Proposals by:

  • Department

Awards by:

  • Department


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