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Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

It is the goal of the University and its employees to ensure that our educational programs and all other activities protect and promote the health and safety of our students, employees, patients, campus visitors, and the environment.  to achieve this goal, the University is committed to complying with all applicable safety and environmental regulations, accreditation requirements, and consensus standards.  ECU will strive to protect and enhance the environment by pursuing environmental sustainability initiatives.

Primary responsibility for safety and environmental compliance as the University rests with the Chancellor and, by delegated authority, to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences.  They are responsible for ensuring that safety and environmental responsibility are given an appropriate level of importance and support.  The operational component of the safety and environmental programs has been delegated to the Directors of Environmental Health & Safety and Prospective Health through the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, respectively.  The Offices of Environmental Health and Safety and Prospective Health operate in a collaborative manner with a number of university committees and the campus community to provide policies, educational opportunities, program management and consultative services that support the mission of the University while continuously improving the safety, health and sustainability of the campus environment.

The overall success of the safety and environmental programs depends upon the conscientious and collaborative efforts of faculty, management, supervisors, employees, and students.  Faculty, management and supervisors are expected to demonstrate leadership through displaying proper attitudes and providing the necessary resources and supervision to conduct activities safely and to help ensure environmental compliance.  Observing safety and environmental policies in the performance of their work and study is a fundamental and essential responsibility of every member of the campus community.  Adequate time and necessary measures must be taken to perform every task and course of academic study in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, regardless of the importance or urgency of the activity.  To emphasize the importance of this core value, safety and environmental compliance must be addressed in every employee evaluation to the degree relevant to their job responsibilities.  In addition, safety and environmental compliance must be a component of the instruction within each academic program.  Failure to follow or enforce safety and environmental policies will be handled in accordance with the applicable ECU policy.

It is imperative that all employees actively promote and support this policy by observing applicable rules and continuously improving their safety and environmental skills by taking advantage of available training and resources.  In addition, employees are encouraged to promptly report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety or the Office of Prospective Health.

Dr. Steve Ballard

Revised: August 17, 2006