Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences


RAMSeS Prep and Routing Tips

  1. Start the RAMSeS file ten (10) working days before the due date.
  2. Work with the Office of Research prior to submitting the RAMSeS file.
  3. To route RAMSeS attach a final internal budget, a budget justification, and a draft project description/scope of work*


A RAMSeS file is required for all requests for external funding through grants and for preliminary proposals requiring a match by ECU.

A RAMSeS file is required for all fellowship requests wherein the fellowship will require the absence of an ECU faculty member from the ECU campus

A RAMSeS file is not required for letters of intent or pre-applications that do not require a match or a budget as part of the letter of intent or pre-application package.

* This is based on a project that does not include a subcontractor.