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Thank you for your interest in the audition process at the ECU School of Theatre and Dance. This page contains information pertaining to auditions for entrance into academic programs (acting, dance, and musical theatre), productions presented through our ECU/Loessin Playhouse and ECU/Loessin Summer Theatre series as well as information for Directing Classes, Senior Choreography, Storybook Theatre and more.

Production Auditions

ECU/Loessin Playhouse Auditions

There are no audition announcements at this time.  Please check back soon.

Storybook Theatre Auditions

There are no audition announcements at this time.  Please check back soon.

Directing Projects

The final round of Directing Project Auditions for this year are upon us! Shakespeare Directing Project auditions will be Monday (March 19th) in Room 205 at 3:00 pm. For this round, directors will be casting scenes from plays by the amazing *drum roll* SHAKESPEARE!!! That's right! You have the opportunity to be cast in scenes from some of Shakespeare's most well known works of art. Although Shakespeare's works can seem intimidating to some, this is an amazing educational opportunity to work hand in hand with your peers to learn how to approach Shakespeare's text. We do not expect you to come into auditions with every Shakespeare show memorized, understood, and ready to perform in a professional setting. All you have to do is come out to auditions and take your best shot at it! It is the directors' jobs to help you in understanding text and stylistic choices once cast, so all we ask is that you come out and have a good time! 


Audition sides will be placed across the hall in Room 206. Please wait in the hallway and remain quiet until the Tech 2 class is done at 2:50pm before going in to start picking out sides. This is a relaxed and fun audition, but an audition nonetheless, so please come dressed appropriately. Rehearsals will be in 3 different time slots from 3:00pm-5:00pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so there are multiple opportunities to be cast. Please refer to the Facebook Event for further details regarding time slots. Auditions should take roughly an hour or less. We look forward to seeing you there!


On behalf of the Directing II Class,


Casey Scarboro


Senior Choreography

There are no audition announcements at this time.  Please check back soon.

Workshops and Special Projects

That time is here again! LIGHTS UP! is just two short months away and it is time to submit your applications.
LIGHTS UP! is a free, informal, student-driven performance opportunity to be held at 8:00PM on Monday, April 30th (During Exams) in the Messick Studio Theatre. LIGHTS UP! is an opportunity for dance and musical theatre students to make and perform their own works of dance art. ANY kind of dance - musical theatre, ballet, jazz, tap, modern, improvisation, hip-hop, ballroom, world dance, or a blend of styles that is uniquely your own. The point is to be creative and take risks while making and performing the work that you love.  
Submit your application via email by 5pm on Monday, March 26th to Caroline Markoch at with a CC to Shannon Wright at and use "LIGHTS UP APPLICATION" as the subject of your email.  Please note, we have a 90 minute maximum program length, so apply early to receive first consideration.  All applications must include: 

1. A list of the following information:
•   Working Title
•   Choreographer - Name or names of the choreographer/s (collaboration is encouraged!)
•   Performer/s-Name or names of the performer/s.  (All sizes of casts welcome - from solo to as many as you can fit onstage!)
•   Music - Name of the composer and title of the specific piece you are using.
•   Projected length of the work - 5 Minutes MAX!!!
•   Basic description of the style of work (this could be simple as in, "classical ballet variations," or "hot jazz," or more complex, "a blend of contemporary/modern, tap and hip-hop, interjected with short bursts of text accompanied by two love songs performed live.")
2. All choreographers/directors must submit a written description of the work you want to have performed on the program (one written description per application). Your description should be as specific as possible. Try to "paint a picture" of what your work will be like in performance.  Also, make sure to include information regarding any props and costumes that you intend to use.  
•   Given the intended experimental nature of this program, you may not know exactly how your piece will look when you submit your application. In that case, make sure you state this clearly in your application and then use the application to help you brainstorm what you would like to create. As your work progresses in rehearsal, you will need to send in updates for programming purposes.
•   The focus of this shared program is creativity and mutual support.  Towards that end, ALL CHOREOGRAPHERS AND PERFORMERS will be given jobs in set-up and strike.  If you are not 100% dedicated to supporting the production of this performance, please do not apply. 
Can't believe this semester is already coming to an end!
So if you want to participate in this show to close out the semester, please send in your applications ASAP to and CC!! REMEMBER LAST POSSIBLE DAY TO SUBMIT IS MARCH 26th!!

Thank you, all!

Caroline Markoch
East Carolina University
Dance Education
Light's Up Senior Coordinator