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Musical Theatre Auditions

School of Theatre and Dance Audition Procedure

All Theatre Performance BFAs, Theatre Education majors, students in advanced theatre techniques classes, and intended Theatre for Youth majors are REQUIRED to audition for main-stage and Theatre for Youth–Storybook Theatre productions.

General Auditions Information

Admission to the BFA Musical Theatre Degree program is by audition only. The live, on campus audition for rising freshmen or transfer students is typically scheduled for February or early March each year. Scroll down this page for updated/current audition dates. NOTE: all live campus auditions will be by confirmed appointment only. Those seeking to audition MUST submit an audition application form. Digital video audition samples are also requested as part of the audition process. Click on this link below for forms, formats and further details.

2018-2019 Audition Dates


Application Form

Admission to the Musical Theatre BFA program at ECU is competitive. Therefore, we strongly encourage high school seniors to check in with this website regularly to obtain the current BFA audition announcement and audition application procedures for each year. Updated information is posted in September of the fall semester for each current academic year. Once an official audition date is posted, prospective students must complete the Audition Application (Parts A and B) to be considered for the BFA program (see link above for forms and additional instructions). As a result of this audition process, selected incoming freshmen or transfer students will secure "pre-accepted" provisional status into the BFA Musical Theatre program assuring a seat in our program. However, all "pre-accepted" BFA freshmen and transfer students must successfully pass a progress evaluation jury at the end of his/her first year at ECU to continue in the program.

PLEASE NOTE: HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS and TRANSFER STUDENTS - The digital video audition samples must be received no later than February 10 of the year the student wishes to enter the program. These audition application forms and video uploads will be reviewed in the order received. The earlier we receive your audition application the sooner we will evaluate it and get back with you about results. Likewise, the sooner the evaluation is made the better we can accommodate your schedule preferences for the invited on-site audition appointment in February of 2018.

For the live audition and digital video samples please prepare:

   Singing - Two songs: 1) a ballad, and 2) an up-tempo selection. Both song selections of your choice must be from musicals. We encourage you to demonstrate your ability/potential to sing in a historic or "legit" style and in a contemporary pop/belt style for your song selections. Our program emphasizes the ability to skillfully transition between historic and contemporary musical theatre styles, so demonstrating this in your audition will be advantageous.

   Acting - One monologue. This can be from a play, film or monologue book that demonstrates your current skill level/potential as an actor. The monologue should last no more than 60 seconds. Choose a piece (comic or serious) that is appropriate for your age and type.

•   Dance Sample - If you dance, and it is among your primary performance strengths, please include a simple combination of steps that shows your skill level in any or several areas of dance; jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern and/or ballet.

   Video Interview Responses - In addition to the performance sample clips you upload as part of your application, be sure to include your responses to the video interview questions in the video upload section of the audition application (Part B). This is an essential component of the video audition process…we want to get to know you as a performer and, most importantly, as a person!


If selected for the live audition you can sing the same songs and do the same monologue as the video samples.  If, after reviewing all instructions, you find you have questions or require further information specific to the audition process contact the Musical Theatre Program Coordinator. *We remind you that you must also apply to ECU through ECU Admissions. This audition application process is specifically for entrance to this BFA program. Click on link below to complete the ECU Admissions application.

ECU Admissions


Updates and Details About the Audition Process


Saturday, February 17, 2018


ECU Campus, Greenville, NC

The Live Musical Theatre BFA Program Auditions are scheduled by confirmed appointment times established through the audition application process


February 10, 2018 – Audition Application Deadline


The audition for current high school seniors, transfer students or current ECU students seeking admission to the musical theatre BFA program for fall of 2018 is scheduled for February 17, 2018. This live, on site audition will be held at the ECU Messick Theatre Center in Greenville, NC.  An appointment time and location will be confirmed via the audition application procedure.

Current ECU students (currently intended Musical Theatre majors), or accepted BFA's in other concentration areas seeking to audition for program entrance in fall 2018 must also submit the complete audition application (Part A and Part B) and an “in-house” appointment time will be confirmed approximately one week before the February 17th audition date.

What do we look for at our live auditions and/or in the video samples?

The Music Theatre BFA degree requires students to have skills in singing, dancing, and acting. School of Theatre and Dance faculty with expertise in their respective disciplines come together for the audition process to evaluate prospective students in these three areas. At ECU we strive to attract and train "triple threat" performers who are equally skilled in singing, dancing, and acting, while at the same time recognizing that not all prospective students excel equally in each area. We expect that students will excel in at least one of the three areas and show promise for advancement in the other two. More specifically, we look at the following:

   Is the auditioning student singing clearly and on pitch? Is s/he making the effort to communicate with the audience/observer?

   Is there a contrast in character and vocal quality/style between the two songs?

   Diction: Are the lyrics of the songs specific, clear and easily understood?

   Is the auditioning student singing AND acting the songs?

   Are the acting choices effective and believable? Has the prospective student created specific character choices in the audition selections?

   Is the monologue well-prepared and an appropriate selection for the actor?

   Is the acted text easily understood? Does the actor understand each piece and perform them in an accurate style?

   Does the student appear open to direction and/or feedback? (This point will obviously only apply to the live audition).

   Does the student (in our assessment) appear to show potential for a professional career in musical theatre upon graduation?


A DANCE EVALUATION during the live on-campus audition is required of all prospective Musical Theatre BFA students. If a student believes dance is a notable strength worthy of consideration in the initial application submission, then s/he should prepare a short demonstration of dance technique skills as part of the video samples for the application Part B.Prospective students with no training in dance need not be intimidated by this evaluation.We are evaluating for both movement/dance potential and for skill level of those with previous dance training/experience.

Many of our musical theatre students audition for and are also accepted into the Professional Acting-Meisner BFA program concentration.  If accepted into this additional concentration we will assist with navigating the best path between the both BFA concentrations.

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Letter of Recommendation

Student applicant must provide at least one letter of recommendation with his/her application. This can be provided with the audition application or delivered in person if confirmed for a live audition appointment for February 20, 2018.


Live auditions will be held in the Studio Theatre in the Messick Theatre Arts Center. One way to find us is on at 1001 E. 5th St., Greenville, NC 27858. The Messick Theatre Arts Center is located where S. Eastern Street meets 5th Street. We can also be located on posted ECU campus maps on line.

You are encouraged to navigate through the ECU School of Theatre and Dance home page, especially the "STUDENTS/prospective students" link, to explore more info about our school and facilities. If you have further inquiry for issues not addressed in our website contact the Musical Theatre Area Coordinator. However, please do not contact the Musical Theatre Area Coordinator directly in an attempt to schedule your audition appointment prior to the February 20, 2018 application deadline. The live audition appointments will be made following the receipt of the audition application and video submissions, so the sooner you apply the better we can accommodate your schedule.

Thank you for your interest in ECU and the School of Theatre and Dance. We look forward to your application. To begin your consideration for admission to the BFA Musical Theatre program click on the Application Form Link located at the top of this information page.