Undergraduate Program

BSN: HESI Admission Assessment

Students applying for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, BSN option, are required to take the HESI Admission Assessment (A 2) examination and submit their exam score report along with their application.

Students taking the HESI A 2 and scoring the preferred minimum of 75 on each of 5 subsections (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary & General Knowledge, Basic Math Skills, Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology) will receive preference in the ranking process.

Applicants are allowed to take the exam a maximum of two times total to apply to the BSN program. Applicants who do not achieve the preferred minimum score on the first attempt must wait a minimum of three months before the second attempt. Applicants who are retaking the exam for their second attempt, must register for the HESI A 2 V2 (version 2). Additional attempts for the HESI will NOT be given with each admission cycle. If re-applying to the program, you must use your previous HESI scores from your first two attempts.

This exam must be taken within the appropriate dates prior to the application deadline for each admission cycle. See specific timeframes for applicants below.

Study Guide Info

There is a study guide available for the HESI A 2 that can be purchased online as well as at many local bookstores. The HESI A 2 study guide is titled HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review.
ISBN: 978-0323353786

Exam Dates

The HESI A2 2 must be taken within the following timeframes. Please note that you will not be able to register for the HESI A 2 exam until your time frame window opens.

  • Spring 2020 BSN applicants will need to test between February 2, 2019 & September 1, 2019.
  • Fall 2020 BSN applicants will need to test between September 2, 2019 & February 1, 2020.

Dates for future application cycles will be posted at a later time.

Registration Instructions for BSN Applicants

Distance Testing Eligibility registration instructions:

First step (of three): Create "Evolve" student account

To register for your HESI Distance Testing exam, you must have an (Elsevier) Evolve student account. If you do not have an account, you can create it at: https://evolve.elsevier.com. Once you have an Evolve student account, you can register for your HESI Distance Testing Exam.

Second step (of three): Register for student HESI access

  • Log into your Evolve account, click on the "Catalog" link at the top of the page, and then click on "Register for Distance Testing"
  • Click on the "Register For This Now" button to add "HESI Student Access" to your Evolve account/cart
  • You will then have the "HESI Registration" in your cart. Click "Redeem/Checkout"
  • Fill out the information about yourself and submit. The quickest way is to choose no institution affiliation.
  • You are now registered for student HESI access.

Third step (of three): Register for the HESI Distance Testing Exam

  • While logged into your Evolve account on the website, click on the "My Evolve" link at the top of the window. You will be able to see the HESI student access link in your account
  • Click on the "HESI Assessment/Student Access" link
  • You will now be in the HESI assessment web space. At the bottom right of the "My Exams" tab/page, you'll see the link for "Register for Distance Testing Exam". Click that link
  • You can now fill in the "Register for a Distance Testing Exam" form
  • For the BSN HESI A 2 exam, the Dept. ID is 202104
  • Once you enter the Dept. ID, the rest of the form will auto-fill from your profile and with the correct exam and date information
  • Put a check in the box verifying that your Evolve account name is the same as on your photo ID
    • Your government issued ID must include your signature and a photo that resembles your current appearance to gain admittance into the testing center.
    • Also, please make sure your first and last name in the online form exactly match your government-issued photo ID with signature. If not, you will have to go back and change it in your Evolve profile. If they do not match, you will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • Click the "Submit" button. You're now finished with this part of the registration.

You will receive an email confirmation notice indicating that they've received your request for eligibility to take the HESI A 2. The email indicates they will contact you to let you know when you may schedule your exam at Prometrics Testing Center. Please carefully review the information contained in your confirmation notice. If your name is not correct, or has been changed, please contact Elsevier HESI Assessment at exameligibility@elsevier.com. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of your testing appointment and associated fees.

You will receive your Eligibility ID within 1-3 business days from our receipt of your eligibility request. Please add the following email address to your email's safe sender list to avoid delays: exameligibility@elsevier.com. If you do not see the notification, please check your spam/junk folder.

DSS Accommodations

Students who are registered with ECU's Disability Support Services (DSS) and need to request any accommodations for the HESI A2 exam, must follow the guidelines below. It is important to note that accommodations must be requested at least one month prior to your anticipated exam date.

Email DSSDept@ecu.edu with the subject "HESI Accommodation Request" and the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Banner ID
  3. Evolve Username (can obtain by completing Step 1 in the above directions)
  4. Projected Testing Date
  5. Specific accommodations you are requesting

Special Announcement

For January 2018 BSN admission cycle and forward, ONLY HESI A 2 will be accepted.

Please continue to check the ECU College of Nursing website ( www.ecu.edu/nursing) for updates.

For questions regarding the HESI A 2 exam, please call ECU College of Nursing Student Services office at 252-744-6414 or email conadvising@ecu.edu.

Please note that any questions potential applicants may have about test results and/or specific test questions should be discussed with HESI or Elsevier. The ECU College of Nursing does not administer or score the tests.