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RN to BSN Admission Requirements

All students enroll at East Carolina University with an intended major of nursing. Upon admission to the RN to BSN option, students may declare their major as nursing.

Registered nurses are admitted upon completion of specified general education and science prerequisites.

Admission to the RN to BSN option requires that the following university and College of Nursing requirements be met:

  • Associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited educational institution
  • Current, unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina or in an NCSBON-compact state (international applicants must validate their credentials with the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools before applying for RN licensure). Students must reside in and, if employed, practice in a North Carolina or an NCSBON-compact state while enrolled in the program.
  • Minimum requirements as specified in the current undergraduate catalog
  • Minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Grade of "C" or higher in all mathematics and science courses
  • Satisfactory completion of prerequisite general education and cognate courses
  • Criminal background checks and drug screenings are required prior to enrolling in nursing courses.

**RIBN students who are successful at their respective community colleges will be directly admitted to the ECU College of Nursing RN/BSN option at the prescribed point in their RIBN curriculum.**

Admission Resources


Applying to the RN to BSN option is a two-step application process:

  1. Students must submit an application to East Carolina University Office of Undergraduate Admissions. East Carolina University admission procedures, including an online application, can be found at www.ecu.edu/admissions.

    The admissions process may take several months, so the process should be initiated early. Application forms, official transcripts, and questions regarding admission to the university should be directed to:

    Undergraduate Admissions
    106 Whichard Bldg
    East Carolina University
    Greenville, NC 27858-4353.

    Students cannot be admitted to the RN to BSN option without admission to the University.

  2. The RN to BSN application should be submitted no later than April 1st for fall semester admission and November 1st for spring admission.

    Download the ECU College of Nursing RN to BSN application and instructions.

Prior to Applying: Unofficial Transcript Review

Prospective students interested in the RN to BSN option should request an unofficial transcript review prior to submitting an application. This review will provide information regarding required prerequisites that should be completed prior to applying to the RN to BSN option.

Tuition and Fees

Information regarding tuition and fees is available from ECU Financial Services.

To estimate the cost of the RN to BSN option, multiply the current tuition rate for undergraduate distance education by the number of hours in the nursing curriculum (33 hours of nursing courses).

Additional costs for nursing students include books, background checks, drug screening, physical examinations and required vaccinations and/or titers. Currently, there is a one-time fee of $35 for liability insurance coverage while enrolled in the program.

Sample Additional Costs for Nursing Students

  1. Clinical/lab fees: $125.00 per lab or clinical course
  2. Health Science fee: $25.00 per semester
  3. Professional liability insurance: $35.00 (this is a one-time fee)
  4. Criminal background check: $20.00
  5. Drug testing: $44.25
  6. CPR certification: $40 to $75
  7. Physical examination and required vaccinations and/or titers: cost varies