Graduate Assistantships are on-campus positions designed to supplement your classroom experience with practical experience. The Division of Student Affairs is pleased to offer many assistantship opportunities for graduate students from numerous ECU academic programs. The graduate assistantship application process and the academic admissions process are separate but concurrent processes.

This site will provide you with information about the Division of Student Affairs, our connection with the Graduate School, and Graduate Assistantship positions available for the 2018-2019 academic year. There is also information about how you apply for Assistantships.

Graduate Assistantship Openings for 2018-19 (Updated May 24, 2018)
Grad Assistantship Openings & Priority Deadlines
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Campus Living

Residence Life (All Three Positions Filled for 2018-19)
Campus Recreation and Wellness
CRW Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018
Adventure/Leadership (Filled for 2018-19)

Facilities (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Fitness (Position Open for 2018-19)

Intramurals (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Marketing (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Club Sports (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Wellness (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Career Services
Career Priority Deadline - March 1, 2018
Career GA Counseling (Two Positions Open for 2018-19)
Central Reservation Office (Event Planning)
Graduate Assistant (Not Available for 18-19)
Dean of Students Graduate Assistant  (Not Available for 2018-19)
Intercultural Affairs

Ledonia Wright Cultural Center (Position Filled for 2018-19)

LGBT (Both Positions Filled for 2018-19)
Intergenerational Community Center
Priority Deadline - June 1, 2018
Graduate Assistant  (Position Open for 2018-19)
Leadership and Civic Engagement
(Priority Deadline - Feb. 2, 2018)
Co-Curricular Programs (Position Filled in 2018-19)

Curricular Programs (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Student Activities
Marketing (Position Filled for 2018-19)

SA Assessment, Research and Retention
Priority Deadline - March 30, 2018

Graduate Assistant (Position Open for 2018-19)

Graduate Assistant--Special Projects (Position Open for 2018-19)
Student Involvement and Leadership
Marketing/Communications  (Position Filled for 2018-19)

Finance and Administration  (Position Not Available for 18-19)
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Priority Deadline - April 5, 2018

Graduate Assistant (Position Open for 2018-19)
Student Transitions
Priority Deadline - Jan. 8, 2018

First Year Programs (Position Filled for 2018-19)