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ECU Transit: Charter & Advertising - Interior Advertising

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Interior Bus Advertising

What's over 1,400 feet long, has over 180 wheels and rides around town while making you look great every day? No guessing required, the answer is easy: the ECU Transit bus fleet featuring your advertising! Each bus is equipped with overhead advertising tracks capable of carrying your message in a variety of sizes up to 11" high by 56" long. With around a million miles on the road every year, that's a lot of message!

Breaking the Rules

Interior Advertising PhotoIn years past, advertising was limited to campus departments/organizations only. No more! By popular demand, we've broken the rules: now anyone interested can advertise with ECU Transit.

Who rides ECU Transit?

Well, everybody! Doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, scientists... they're all here, they're just still students. As an institution of higher education, thousands of future professionals and community leaders gather together on campus every day. What better way to get there than ECU's own transit system?

Getting Started

If you're ready to advertise, getting started is as simple as filling out our request form. Before doing so, be sure to review the rates and specifications available for download below. It has everything you need to know to start putting your message out there for thousands of young adults to see every day.

Download Advertising Rates & Specifications